Teenage pregnancy

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  • Publicado : 6 de mayo de 2010
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Michael Chavez
English 9 honors, 5th
Ms. Tebo
International Adoption
Many people believe that international adoption is good. There are many people who areagainst it for some of the wrong reasons to others. Some of these people include the government and some of the people of the United States. Some reasons that others may have that makesinternational adoption good maybe that many international orphans have HIV, who needs help, many are dying because they don’t have good health care, and by adopting an international kid,you can give them a future like no other. All these reasons and many more will help make others believe that international adoption is good.
Many orphans that are from Europe, Asia,and Africa are dying each year because they are born with HIV. These kids are usually given up for adoption because the family can’t take care of them, or they think that this child maybe too hard to raise by themselves. As long as no one adopts these kids, they will continuously die. Without international adoption, many innocent kids die because no one can take careof them along with their disease.
Many international orphans, all around the world, are also dying. This is because they don’t have good enough health care to keep them healthy. Theirhealth care usually can’t give them a good doctor, dentist, or anyone else to keep them healthy, if one at all. Some orphanages and adoption houses can provide a good health care, butfor the ones that can’t, many lives are being cut short, because of disease, infections, and common stuff like the cold or the flu. International adoption could give these kids a lifeand even a future.
If any of these orphans do live to become a young teen or even an adult, they might not have an education. When you adopt an orphan, you can give them a future.
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