Teenage pregnancy

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  • Publicado : 3 de noviembre de 2011
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Nowadays, teenage pregnancy is a really common issue in teenagers. It is technically defined as the pregnancy of woman under 20. However, in the U.S. this termusually refers to girls younger than 18.
The aim of this oral report is to analyze this controversial issue trying to understand the main reasons and solutions of teenage pregnancy.
Itusually turns out, that teenagers are not informed about ways of preventing pregnancy such as condoms or pills. Nevertheless, sometimes they now about those methods but they are too ashamed to use them.There are also many cases of teenagers that do not know how to use these contraceptives. An irresponsible use of contraceptives increases the possibility of getting pregnant. The use of more thanone contraceptive measure decreases the risk of unplanned pregnancy.
Nowadays, teenagers seem to be more likely to drinking alcohol and drug. These are factors that make young people behaveirresponsibly, since they are not able to have a normal behavior. This is an important and usual problem that increases the possibility of getting pregnant.
Besides this, there is loads of information aroundus that might be giving to teenagers a wrong perception of sexuality. Our young people become mixed information about sex and responsible behaving.
It is extremely important thatgovernments start giving health and sexual education services in order to prepare teenager.
Besides that, it would be useful to improve publicity about contraceptives. Instead of encouraging teenager to buythem as a way of being cooler, these things should be shown as a way of making relationships healthier.
Finally, it is needed to support teenage mothers, including help returning to education, adviceand support, work with young fathers, better childcare and increasing the availability of supported housing.

Several studies have examined the socioeconomic, medical, and psychological...
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