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  • Publicado : 7 de noviembre de 2010
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Poverty has been a problem worldwide. It has affected many typical families. Thanks to this, and many other problems, there are many negative occurrences going on around the world. One of the mostnegative ones is children asking for money of streets.
One of the main causes of why children ask for money of streets is that their parents are earning a little amount of money, so that’s whytheir parents obligate them to work. Also, the lack of food is another issue for them. Therefore, they have to work harder to have a small possibility to buy some food. Another cause of thisoccurrence is that their families need money to keep their small houses in the best condition they can to have somewhere a little bit comfortable to live in.
These and many other causes are the reasonof why children ask for money of streets. It is obvious that they don’t do it for fun at all. It is a necessity. The problem is that, even though they are helping their families, They are harmingthemselves in one way or another.
There are many negative effect is on children sling for money of streets. Among them, are that children don’t have enough sleep since they start their workearth on the morning and continue until midnight. Sometimes even more hours. Also Children have spend time outside their homes in the cold. There is also the risk of them getting abused, kidnapped oreven killed at night by heartless people. Working doesn’t give children the time to study, which is not good for them, because if they study, they could later find a decent job to sustain or help theirfamily’s needs. Children are exposed to sunlight too, since they also don’t have anything to protect themselves.
In conclusion, it is not right that parents sent their children to work, eventhough it is a necessity to survive, they could find other ways to get money. While children are working, they are exposed to a large number of negative consequences that could occur t them. It is...
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