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  • Publicado : 1 de junio de 2011
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Soccer, a global passion
I. Introduction
II. Easy to practice
A. money
B. places
C. people for do it
III. Soccer performanceA. soccer like a teaching
B. soccer like national pride
C. soccer like emotional catalyst

IV. Soccer like a global benefitA. peace promoter
B. aid through
C. economic factor

V. Conclusion

In our world, there are forces really important, forcesthat unite people, forces that moves crowds, and one of them is sport; nevertheless, none is more exciting, more popular, more electrifying than soccer. Soccer is the ultimate worldwide sport, andthere are a lot of reasons for justified that fact; but we gonna talk about simplest reasons; nonetheless, important reasons.

The first reason: is the cheaper and less complicated sport topractice, you only need a ball, a group of boys and how goal box can wear anything . Also, in most countries of the world, we can play football in any street, alley or lonely place. Finally, this sport canbe practiced by all people, men and women, boys and girls, as a method of recreation and union of people.

The second reason: people used soccer as a method of sport and physical training forchildren. In some countries, there are a lot of soccer schools, for this reason, since very young, soccer is taught to children as an important asset in his country. There are many fans, many Nationalteams; moreover, there are games where you put the national pride on the line, through their selections. Besides, this is unique in the world, soccer makes us laugh, mourn, celebrate, suffer, be angry,ashamed, cry, in other words it is an endless emotions .

The third reason: people get together and enjoy soccer; for example, every four years people come from many countries to see and enjoy...
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