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  • Publicado : 23 de febrero de 2011
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Hi Katty:

How are you? I received your letter and it seems to me that you have a good command of English.

I'm living in Bogota, in the neighborhood Verbenal and tell you I am studyingManagement UNAD, is eLearning and should be online whenever you need it is not easy as virtual study is more practical but you have to be organized by the time between housework and the work at the airport.Some days I wake up at 5:10 am, and breakfast at 06:30 am, 13:00 to 21:45 work, living near the airport and always take a free bus target to work at 07: 00 am or 12:30, and if I have a day off I like togo walking and take my child on a bicycle although not yet know how to ride very well but soon learn, I also share some time alone with my father because my mother died two years ago , and in theweek I never cook at night, my husband and I lunch at work every day to eat dinner juice and crackers or sandwiches (which are my favorites).
In my work I use red uniform shirt and jacket, skirt, Mondaythrough Thursday and pants Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I can wear shoes in blue uniforms and blue bag. Do not always buy clothes, but want the black jean ninety dollars you told me this fantasticsend me please!
In my spare time treatment to pass the more time with my family; went out to the park, eat ice cream or we stayed at home to watch movies and playing with children. As a matter of thestudy, work and my family i am not much free time to make another kind of activities, but the pastime more nicely that i have is pass with my family.

Furthermore I tell you that Iam very happy thatwe are in contact, have a friend like you is very because we know from childhood, only to remember those moments in school fills me with happiness that now the heart we are we far stranger every daybut your presence.

I hope you liked my letter because I am practicing my English is a bit that is not the best but if we get better at writing is that I am very happy to write to you. Call me or...
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