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  • Publicado : 26 de noviembre de 2010
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Name: Lizbeth Lopez Serrano
Subject: Marketing
Prof: Aida
Date: November 27, 2009

Restaurant Purposes
The principal purposes of our restaurant “El Rincón de México” are:
* Strengthen as the favorite restaurant of the UVM and surrounding community, being recognized as an establishment with an excellent taste.
To achieve this, our marketing will focus in attracting clients throughpublicity, promotion, position, and visits to places to let us know.
* Exceed our consumer expectations, basing our products and facilities on high hygiene and quality standards.
Because our clients are the reason to be, we will always work for them. Therefore our characterizing phrases are “the consumer comes first”, “the consumer is always right”.
* Always have positive andcustom-made attitudes for our clients: we will ask his or her name, and call them by it throughout his stay, besides giving a smile, from the moment that we receive, during their stay and the time they leave.
* Ensure that the customer enjoy their stay at the establishment at any time. Reveling on the tasty Mexican food we offer and the warm service that every employee gives.
* Create a warmand pleasant atmosphere, where people feel comfortable, and happy to return.
* The search for improvement, to provide our customers the service they deserve and need: excellent treat, fast and efficient service, food made with the most strict standards of hygiene and quality.
* To provide a new concept of Mexican food, combining tradition with elegance, to open doors to the new “GourmetMexican food”, without missing the Mexican spirit.
* Search for the development of every employee. We know they are our main clients.
* To merge as a 100% profitable business.

Development New Services
The development of new service was that one day we do not have enough row material to produce, so we took all the row material that we had and prepared tacos, tostadas, chalupitas,etc. and we sold this one’s as a “Mexican package” and also the water was sold individually, this was a new service, we did itinerant service. Another very important service that could be developed was the “smoke area” but the university don not accept that type of service, but it is attractive for the people who smoke.
Cost Analyzing
The price of our product, that consists in one start dish,the main dish and the dessert (in all of them you had 5 options) and beverage.
The percentage cost of this price it´s going to be 50.99%, which will give us good profits if we take into account that the rest (49.01%) would be almost net profit, because we don´t need to pay energy, gas, water, rent, salaries, etc. The only thing we need to pay is the reinstatement of equipment that would be lostduring the operation of the restaurant.
We decide to “put” this price after doing the countable procedure, where we can find out that taking into consideration all the dishes we had and our total cost is $203.96, and the total sale price is $679.91. So, our average cost of each dish is $8.50 (cost price).
Finally, our cost price of the menu (3 dishes) is $25.50 and the sale price menu is $84.99,that represents 30% cost. If we take this % cost it would be a very high price and our target market would not be able to achieve it, that´s why we reduce the percentage and put the sale price of $50.
The price was based on our principal customers and the needs that they have, like they are students and they do not have enough we establish this price, because is easy to them to pay this amount fora very complete and healthy food.
Another type of customers was the administrative people, and this is the opposite of the students because they have the money but sometimes do not have enough time. But also for them is very good price for a very good food, so they can go with any problem at least 3 time per week.
Some of the comments was that the quality of the food was very good and the...
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