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  • Publicado : 22 de febrero de 2012
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It is a well known that English is a foreign language that has grown up in order to be able to satisfy achievements or goals , English is considered an important part in education inMexico according (SEP) due to is necessary to learn English however for the most students the acquisition of a foreign language is difficult and hard work that they have to face. Second languageacquisitions to learning of another language after learning the mother language the language acquisition involved to the students and teachers so that the teachers teach the knowledge about language tothe students.
Eventually all the schools are worried about having English speaker in order to prepared to the students to have a get good level in the four skills speaking , writing, listeningand reading those are necessaries to have good communication with an non – native speaker.
It has been seen that in the university Siglo 21 that is situated in Puebla has 70 students that arestudying English, 4 from them are students that have been living in the USA during some years, The students don’t understand and pronunciation well when the student face a conversation with anon - native speaker the student don’t get all the all information other case is when they watch a tv program in English they don’t understand well what the program says so that when the charactersspeak is in fast way however, when the student watch and read the subtitles they get all the information other case happens when the student talk with a non- native speaker, the speaker don’tunderstand what the student said so that the student don’t have fluency in order to express something but the listening and speaking skills seem to be a difficult part of learning English.
It does notmean that the students of sglo 21 are not be able to understand and produce English in this way they need a specific class in order to improve the skills that have been mentioned before....