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Part One

Read the following extract carefully and then indicate whether the statements
below are true (T) or false (F).

I have chosen to use the terms lesbian existence and lesbiancontinuum because the word lesbianism has a clinical and limiting ring. Lesbian existence suggests both the fact of the historical presence of lesbians and our continuing creation of the meaning of thatexistence. I mean the term lesbian continuum to include a range – through each woman’s life and throughout history – of woman-identified experience, not simply the fact that a woman has had orconsciously desired genital sexual experience with another woman. [W]e [can] expand it to embrace many more forms of primary intensity between and among women, including the sharing of a rich innerlife, the bonding against male tyranny, the giving and receiving of practical and political support […].

|1. |The author says that the word lesbianism has a clinical ring. F| |
| | | | |
|2. |The term lesbian continuum refers only tothe desire of one woman for another. F | | |
| | | | ||3. |Lesbian continuum can also include mutual support among women. T | | |

Part Two

Read the following definitions and give the correctterm.

1. A historical document which is contemporary with and studied alongside a literary document.
Term: Co-text

2. A term which refers to the systematic stereotyping ofand discrimination against people because they are old.
Term: Ageism

3. The struggle for identity by male poets who feel threatened by the achievements of their predecessors....
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