Thanksgiving day

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What day is Thanksgiving Day?
Is a traditional celebration of the United States and Canada In the United States on the fourth Thursday of November, but originally was made last Thursday. In Canada,meanwhile, held the second Monday in October. Usually at this festival come together around a table family and friends to share a feast. Although religious in origin, is considered a secular holiday.Who celebrates Thanksgiving Day?
Finally in 1620 they embarked on the Mayflower seeking religious freedom in the New World. Complete with its original destination was the colony of Jamestown,Virginia, a storm brought them out of their way and arrived in November 1620 north of Plymouth, Massachusetts. The first winter was one of great hardship for the settlers, since more than half the colonydied of starvation and disease. However, those who survived continued to fight and spring planted his first crop of corn.
Squanto, an Indian warrior, he befriended them and taught the colonists how toplant and cultivate corn, and helped to establish good relations with neighboring Indian tribes. In the fall of 1621, after a good harvest, Governor Bradford proclaimed a "day of giving thanks to Godfor us in a special way rejoicing after picking the fruit of our work.
In a gesture of friendship, the Pilgrims invited the Indians together neighbors to a party, in which they share turkeys andgeese, corn, lobster, clams, squash, pumpkins and dried fruits
How do you they celebrate?
American families gathered around a big dinner, whose main dish is a roasted turkey, served with thetraditional cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, mashed potatoes and vegetables. Before dinner, the head of the family or individual family members, give thanks for all the good that has happenedthis year. For many American families this is the most important holiday of the year and cross the country from end to end if necessary to spend together.
Bringing a Latin twist: Many families...
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