Thanksgiving day

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Origin of thanksgiving day:

The Thanksgiving Day is considered by many as the favourite holiday of the United States, mostly because it brings together all around the table for dinner, is itself atribute to the origin of the holiday.

A group of sailors in search of fortunes left in the "Mayflower" from Plymouth, England, on September 6, 1620, along with two groups of passengers. Thesepassengers, men, women and children were considered "separatists". Sixty-six days later, they discovered land near Cape Cod, Massachusetts, that would also be named "Plymouth" by Captain John Smith.The group decided on the Plymouth area because the land was rich in resources and because it offered an attractive port. But the first year was disastrous, as they could not count on many of theseresources, and therefore were unable to endure the first winter in the "New World". A group of local Native Americans came to help the Pilgrims. Taught the new settlers to plant and grow food andcrops. Once winter arrived, the Pilgrims had cultivated and preserved corn, the most abundant crop, as well as fruits and vegetables. They had also learned to pack fish in salt and cured smoked meat on thecoals.

Knowing that they had overcome so many hardships, the Pilgrims found a reason to celebrate his survival and the lessons they were taught. In 1621, Governor William Bradford proclaimed thatThanksgiving be shared between the Pilgrims and Native Americans. According to the work of Edward Winslow, "Journal of the Pilgrims of Plymouth" (English "A Journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth"), thecelebration included mostly poultry (wild turkey), collected by the settlers, and deer that were brought by the Indians.

During the three-day celebration ate turkey, corn, squash and venison. This wasthe first day of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving day tradition

Family Reunion and Feasting

Family feast is an important tradition during Thanksgiving day. All the family sits at the table during...
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