The five orange pips

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The Five Orange Pips

Watson's wife is visiting her family, so Watson is staying with Holmes. Unexpectedly, a young man comes for help: John Openshaw. His uncle Elias was againstthe black in the States, but in 1869 his army losts and he returns to England, where John moves to later. In March 1883, Uncle Elias gets a letter from Pondicherry, India, with 5 orange pips and 3 Ks.Elias is totally afraid. Elias takes a box with 3 Ks on it from a secret room, and burns the papers. One night, seven weeks later, Elias runs out of his room in a drunken fit, and the next morningis found dead in a river. Openshaw and his father Joseph live in the house.

A year later, Joseph gets the same letter and a message "Put the papers in the garden", from Dundee, Scotland.Joseph doesn't pay attention to this, but John is scared. Three days later, Joseph goes to visit a friend, but he is found dead down a hill. So John has lived for nearly 3 years there, but now, 1887, he'sgotten the letter from East London. The police doesn't believe him. Openshaw has a small piece of paper from his uncle. On it is written, "March 1869" and then a list of names and notes that say“...left...”. Holmes tells Openshaw to go home, put that piece of paper in the box with a note that says all the others were burned by his uncle, and then leave it in the garden.

Meanwhile, Holmesdiscovers that the killer has been on a ship. But since the most recent letter is from East London, the killer is near. Holmes says that there must be more than one guy involved and K.K.K. must besymbols of the Ku Klux Klan, a group of Americans who wanted to stop equality for black people and kill their opponents. In 1869, the group mysteriously appears to break up, the same time that Eliasleaves the States. Elias had their papers, so they wanted them.

The next morning, in the newspaper says John has been killed. Holmes is extremely angry, so he investigates it and finds the...
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