The great depression

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  • Publicado : 30 de abril de 2011
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The roaring twenties was a great economical time in which the US was driving. All this time was a time of happiness and peace, the American economynever suspected what was about to happen.
Then as fastest as this great economical time began, it ended from October 24 of 1929 the stack market crush and the US hadfelt into the great depression. Thousands lost their jobs and homes, forcing people to live on the streets and find whatever they could find. People thought that all the hope was lost and will never getbetter. And just when all hope was lost a new hope was born form Franklin D. Roosevelt or FDR. He promises a new deal. Just during the first 100 days of his presidency FDR past over 15 bills.Americans soon loved FDR and think he was their saver, but others such as Herbert Hoover and Huey P. Long believe that FDR was destroying the US economy. This man and many more hated FDR and his believes anddid a good job as expressing it.
One of FDR program was CIVILING CONSERVATION COURT (CCC), which was established in 1933. This program work to give the unemployed man and woman jobs. Along with theCCC Roosevelt was only making progress.
* US were the mastermind of much of what was happening in the world and was until 1956 that Colombia was affected by this crisis.
* Theories which hadat that time about the economy were major changes especially in regard to the prevention of such situation.
* Began a construction of the dam Hover with the main purpose of creating jobs to so takethe country’s economy
-it was planted in 1922 but in 1928 they approve it. It started in 1930 because of the situation of the country
-in this construction worked engineers, lawyer, doctors, WallStreet brokers and people of all kind that were unemployed.
And to make matter worse World War II had began; this world war started in 1939 never affected the US until 1941. When...
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