The idiocracy theory

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  • Publicado : 13 de febrero de 2012
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Shady Zummar
The Idiocracy Theory
By: Michael Michalko
Jan. 8, 2012

This article is a about the biologicaldevelopment of the human brain after years of evolution. It mainly focuses on the size of the organ to measure the ability to think. Recent studies have shown that the human brain has been shrinkingin size and many experts say that it is because of the loss of necessity of the organ. The basic idea states if people require to think less, then their brains become smaller. It seems to be supportedby the fact that brains in larger communities are smaller than in those of smaller communities. The cause of this is assumed to be that in larger population densities it is easier to survive if theperson has a lower ability to think than in smaller communities. Also, the new way in which people have been using their brains may have affected their size. People now don’t rationalize as they didbefore. The most need of the human brain is when a person gets to study but this has become less of a critical thinking situation and more of a memorization. It’s more about repeating than creating. Thehuman’s brain has become much smaller in a time that is considered to be a blink of an eye in evolutionary species history.
I think that it is a rational hypothesis that explains the radical changein the human brains size. I believe that this must not be taken as a problem, but as a perfect opportunity to analyze human behavior and its consequences. It would also seem an ideal chance toanalyze the physiological consequences of individual and group behavior. This theory is extremely interesting but my opinion may be considered biased because I like natural sciences more than socialsciences. If this situation is going to be studied more in depth, then it must be studied by both natural and social sciences. This would eliminate any biased results, therefore exposing the truth beyond...
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