The importance of bieng earnest chapter 3

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lb: you are not. Algernon! algernon! 
a: yes, aunt augusta
lb: is this the house of bunbury?
a: oh! no! he doesn't live here, in fact, he died
lb: may I ask who is that young person who is holding Algernon's hand?
J: that Lady is miss cecily cardew , my ward
A: i am engaged to be married to cecily
LB: i beg your perdons?
C: mr moncrieff and I , are engaged to be married LB
LB: Untilyesterday i had no idea that we were any families or persons whose origin was Terminus
J: miss cardew is the garddoughter of Mr Thomas cardew
LB: that sounds not unsatisfactory
J: so why you don't like miss Cecily? she is a great woman 
LB: I don't like her family I don't belive her but I had better ask you if miss cardew have a little fortune. 
J: oh! have I menshion that she is rich che have afortune about a hundred and thirty thousand pounds in funds that's all. So see you
LB: A big fortune! Well , npw that i look her , I have realised that she is a great woman.
A: yes I like her, she is so sweet , pretty and I dn't care any social problems
 LB: well , okay i will give my consent 
A: thank you
LB: cecily , you may kiss me!
C: thnk you , LB
LB: also you [cecily] call me AuntAugusta
J: miss cardew is my ward and she can not marry without my consent. And i am not giving it.
LB: Algernon is a great man! why not?
J: i don't care if you don't give the consen to Gwendolen  to marry me. i am not going to give my consent so is your choise
LB: Mr. Worthing , after carefull consideration i have decides to  give my consent
J: that is very generous from you LB , so in thatcase i will give my consent
LB: come here swett child [to cecily]
J: pray excuse me , but cecily will be ilegal until che is 35
LB: very good, i think that 35 is a very atractive age
C: algernon , could you wait for me till i'm 35?
A: of course i could , i love you
C: grat , but i can't wait all that time
A: so what is gonna happen?
C: I don't know 
LB: i think Cecily can't wait till she is35 [to jack]there's something i can do?
J: but my dear LB , the matter is enterly in our own hands. if you give me your consent , i will give it to cecily. then a passionate celibaly is all any of us can look foward to.
LB: that is not the destiny I propose for Gwendolen. Algernon can choose fot himself. Come Gwendoles, we have missed  five or six trains
CH: ecerything is ready for thechristenings
LB: isn't that premature?
CH: both the men here asked for inmediate baptism.
LB: that is irreligious, Algernon I forbide you to be baptized.
CH:so there are not christenings this afternoon? miss prism has been waiting for the last hour and a half. 
LB: miss prism? Did I bear you mention a Miss Prism?
CH:Yes, Lady Bracknell
LB:May I ask what position she holds in your household?
J:Shehas been for the last thirty years miss cardew governess
LB: I must see her at once
MP: dear Canon. I have been waiting for you for an hour and three-quarters
LB: prism! come here miss prism!where is that baby? twenty eight year ago miss prism was in charge of a male baby, she never returned, and some weeks after the police found the perambulator with a three volume novel. The baby was notthere! where is that baby?
MP: I don't know, i wish i did, that morning also i had with me an old hand bag, in the one i left the manuscript of my novel, in a moment of distraction I left the manuscript on the perambulator and the baby on the hand-bag.
J: where did you deposite the hand-bag?
MP: do not ask me...
J: this is important, where you deposited the hand bag that contined that infant
MP:in the cloak-room of one of the larger railway stations in London
J: what raileway station?
MP: vitoria.The bringhton line
J: i must retire. Gwendolen, wait here for me
G: i will wait here for you all my life
CH: what do you think thid mrans, LB?
LB: i dare not even suspect, dr chasuble.
[hear noises]
C: uncle jack seem strangely agitated
CH: your guardian has a very emotional...
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