The importance of jesus

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  • Publicado : 7 de octubre de 2010
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Andrea Abella
Professor E. Goodell
Composition II
October 6, 2010
The Importance of Jesus in Our History

Jesus was a revolutionary because his message of a monotheistic faith wascompletely opposite to the political and social order of his time. Additionally, the fundamentals of his message created the origin of the most practiced religion in the world: Christianity. Furthermore faithand beliefs drive human behavior; they are indeed the most powerful tools of persuasion and controlling. Consequently, Jesus is a person of great relevance in our history because it represents themost proliferated moral example for people to follow.
Jesus is a character of extreme importance whether or not we have a Christian faith. He is one of the two only reference used to separatehistory: before and after his birth. According to historical records, Jesus taught the principles of Christianity during the administration of the Roman Empire. It was extremely hard for him and peoplethat fallowed his doctrine to state the existence of one true God that, according to them, ruled over the emperor. At the beginning Christians were executed because they represented a potential hazardto the political order of the empire. However, after Jesus was dead his messages became popular among people and Constantine, Byzantine’s emperor, decided to establish Christian faith as the officialreligion.

Since his death, Jesus has been one of the most relevant figures in history. He has directly and indirectly influenced the lives of many of the planets inhabitants; many wars have beenfought in his name; his existence and views have been disseminated and followed through cultures and times. His message remains controversial in many forums and influences the behaviors of the 33% ofthe world’s population who practice Christianity and the 21% who practice Islam. With such a wide range of influence he is certainly one of the most influential characters in human history. It is...
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