The importance of evolving technology

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Questions about the origin and evolution of technology are often times avoided or left unanswered due to the complexity of technology itself. However, in order for humanity to trust in an entity thatwe so heavily rely on, we are constantly seeking answers to these questions. In his book, The Nature of Technology: What It Is and How It Evolves, Brian W. Arthur challenges his readers to viewtechnology from a biological standpoint, instead of the usual mechanized one. He argues that the evolution of technology is dynamic, self-creating, and essential for the affirmation of our humanness. Thisargument is crucial in understanding the world we have created as we constantly push for coexistence between technology and the natural world; I agree with the reasoning Arthur presents in his work.In accordance with his idea that technology is dynamic and self-creating, Arthur presents his principles of combination and recursiveness but also starts off by explaining why technology exists inthe first place. Technology starts out as a means to capture a natural phenomenon in order to fulfill a human want or need. “At its heart lies the act of seeing a suitable solution in action—seeing asuitable principle that will do the job” (Arthur 120). It essentially develops into an assembly of sub-technologies that in turn can act as stepping-stones and subcomponents for future technologies.This basically sums up the principle of combination and recursiveness, all technology is made up of other technologies and those technologies in turn provide the base for new ones to emerge. I find thisto be true in any new technology that emerges, such as the iPhone. There are always new installments coming out to replace the older ones in order to cater to the consumer’s needs. The newdevelopments work in a way to relieve and correct any bugs or glitches in the previous product and can in turn have problems of their own. This shows that the evolution of technology is always needed and...
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