The incredible juanito

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  • Publicado : 23 de enero de 2012
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The incredible Juanito

In Lupiland there was a boy named Juanito who received a certificate to teach at the university. It was a miracle that a child of only fivemonths might be a teacher who spoke well and was the most brilliant college professor.
This ability begins during pregnancy Juanito's mother (Juana), who are fed electricity atbreakfast, lunch and dinner what caused the genius of his son Juanito.
Juanito in his spare time was a hundred-digit calculation per second, played excellently all sports in the world. Noone believed the Juanito skills until one day of school to accompany his mother to teach Johnny and she too said it was impossible, and you know what you did?
He made to expand the livingroom and stand normal to just put a pencil on his desk. For the next hour group of boys organized a soccer game and the incredible boy showed students that he could kick the ball toPluto. Instantly, Mr. Willy, Johnny's father, called his son to tell him had given a ball, a typical habit of Juanito when playing football.
Anyway, it was so, so bright, so, socool that gained fame around the world. So much so that aliens called him constantly to solve problems of different kinds on their planets.
Also called the presidents of the worldas being extremely intelligent and resourceful to solve problems.
But gradually, with the passing of the years, Johnny, the boy unbelievable, was losing his skills, his strengthand genius because people used to the maximum for anything that happened to them. There was a
when he lost consciousness and all the people of the world panicked.
However,villagers have come to understand that Juanito has been weakened and no longer call it as before, but still deeply admiring, Juanito also learned that we must never be perfect.