The lovely bones

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  • Publicado : 12 de diciembre de 2011
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Friday 9th of December of 2011 Gloria Martínez Campos
The lovely bones is a story which talks about a young girl´s murder. Katy was just 14 years the day that herneighbour, Mr. Hook, decided to kill her. The writer tells us how he slashed, drained and mutilated her. After that, the entire book shows us the way that the police left the case, her parent’sdesesperation, and the unstoppable thirst for revenge of her sister. And i can´t forget to say that Katy is on the sky guiding them for finding her murder´s guilty.

Character analysis:
Katy: She is theprotagonist of the story. After Mr. Hook murdered her, she went to sky, and from there she could help to the police, her family and sister for finding the guilty. She is a pretty girl, as we can checkin this Mr. Hook sentence´s: “She is the prettiest girl I´ve ever seen; i want her to be inside of me”. She was a good student, and she was absolutly in love of James, a black boy of her maths class.Katy shows us all of the feelings she felt during her neighbour was stealing her her soul.
Mr. Hook: He is the antagonist of the story. Mr. Hook is a man of 40 years, who has a big problema withYoungs girl. He has an adicction with them, and he wants to kill them all the time. He´s always looking for new ways of murders. He lives alone and he has never been married. At the end of the storykaty´s sister found out that he is the killer, so Mr. Hook in a fit of despair decided to suicide himself.

Parts of the story:
My favourite part of the story is when Katy´s sister found out that Mr.Hook is the guilty of her sister murder. Then, the obsessed man decided to suicide himself. Then, we can see how Katy is free now. She doesn´t have to keep more in that strange world which is between theearth and the sky, because she hasn´t got any reason to be there more time.
¿What do i like that part? Because we can see that we can have a reward after so much suffering.
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