The marvelous afternoon

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  • Publicado : 27 de noviembre de 2011
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The marvelous afternoon of Balthazar
Gabriel Garcia Márquez was born in Aracataca (1972) on the Caribbean coast of Colombia; one of his best novels was 100 años de Soledad (one hundred of years ofsolitude). It was published in Buenos Aires in 1976 he have two homes, Cuernavaca and Colombia he take a little break but in 1975 he returned with El otroño del Patriarca (The autumn of thePatriarch) in 1990 he wrote about Simon Bolivar a Latin American hero.
The story tells us about a poor man that works as carpenter. He made an awesome work for the son of the richest man in town, acage. He lives with Ursula his sentimental partner, and she is the reason why he works so hard to economically maintain her. He made a mistake, because he made the work for Pepe that didn’t havepermission of his father to order a cage, but Balthazar have a good heart, he gave the cage to the child without charge, because his father refused to pay him, after that he went to celebrate a fictionaltriumph and spend money that he didn’t have. Drinking and inviting beers in a pool salon without thinking in his wife.

Balthazar lives in a modest house with a little workshop. One day he made awonderful cage, product of two weeks of hard work and bad sleep, he showed to all his neighbors before he delivered it to Pepe. That day a doctor named Dr. Giraldo came to the house and when he sawthe cage, he stared to flatter Balthazar about his work” looking at the cage, and he said: fine I will take it”(page 227). Ursula said “It´s sold”. Balthazar refused to sell it because was a specialjob. The Doctor tried to convince him but he couldn’t.

After Balthazar refused to sell it, he went to deliver the cage to his new owner. He arrived to Chepe´s Montiel house “the richest man intown” he was looking for Pepe his son Balthazar asked “is Pepe home?” (p. 229) but when he tried to delivered the cage, Chepe Montiel refused to pay it he say “ take it away at once, and try to sell...
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