The mask of the red death

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The death was a devastating disease that caused terror for long time, its ca were characteristics the horror of the blood, red spots upon the body and especially upon theface, this sickness towards which the persons were moving away from the sick man development of this disease was given only in the half hour.

Prospero, the ruler of that land, called a group ofhis healthy friends, and he went away with them to living in one of his castles. It was a beautiful and bid building that he made, it had very wall with gates of iron, once in they closed the gates inorder that the red death couldn’t enter.

Prospero had prepared everything for the pleasure and the party; there was music, dancing, food and wine to drink. That place were safe for the peopleoutside walked the red death.

After the fifth months Prospero invited to his friends to a custome party. There were seven rooms in which Prospero’s friends danced every room had a different color anddecoration but the last was a special room, it had hangings on the walls made of a rich soft cloth which was black and the floor too, was covered with the same color, the color of the windows was red adeep blood color.

All the rooms were lighted through the outside windows out in the light in the last room produced so wild a look in the faces of who entered that there were few dancer who daredto step within those dark walls, in this room was a great clock of black wood, when it marked the hour the clock spoke with a loud clear voice a deep tone as a deep tone as beautiful as music, but sostrange that the dancing stopped and the dancers stood still to listened.

The costumes of the dancers were strange and wonderful the dancers danced through the rooms, taking the colors of the roomsas they moved, but into the seven room the dancers don’t go, because they were afraid , but the others rooms were crowded and the dancers, keeped dancing until at midnight the clock rang again all...
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