The movement

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Before reading the text he/she answers the following questions
1. - Like you recognize if something moves or not?

2. - With which senses can perceive the movement?____________________________________________________________



How do we know that something moves?
Imagine that we have a map of the treasure buriedwith the following instructions:
To "be located in the tree of the biggest Square, to walk 500 meters toward the east and 57 meters toward the north.” In this example, the instructions define thelocation of the treasure, and a tree is the reference point. The reference point is used to determine if something moves. For example, to determine if an automobile moves, your you can see in thepavement of the avenue, if the car goes away or he/she approaches this point, this represents for us that the car moves. This point determined by us is a reference point. A reference point, it can be anypoint of the space: a corner of the living room of classes, the center of the patio or the base of the next tree.
We use mainly the view to perceive that something moves, nevertheless, we haveanother sensorial possibility to locate an object and to perceive their movement. For example, the dogs, thanks to their developed sense of the smell, perceive if their master is close or far. We canalso perceive the movement through the sound, the light and the heat that it emits an object that moves in relation to us and to know if it is close or far. There are characteristic sounds that indicateif something is in movement. For example, without seeing, we can perceive if a fly this fence or far, for the sound that emits.
The movements can be very quick or very slow that the senses cannot...
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