The peace

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The Peace, a moral value
If we want a world of peace and of justice it is necessary to put firmly the intelligence to the service of the love.
The word peace derives from the Latin pax. It is likea condition of tranquility or quietude, and in the opposite direction as absence of worry, violence or war.
The peace is energy, a qualitative energy that comes constant from the only eternalsource. It is a pure force that penetrates in the shell of the chaos and for his own nature; automatically it puts to the people and the things in a balanced order. The own being contains a warehouse ofvital resources, one of which is the peace. To admit that the original quality of the soul humanizes is the peace, means to stop looking for her in the exterior. It is the one who thinks that the peacecannot be acquired across the education “cannot be educated to anybody for the peace. This one is a condition that only can be obtained across the social action". Always certain interest and longinghas existed for the peace, it is known that the concept of his specific education has much more ancient philosophical origins to a decade.
Nowadays, the topic of the education for the peace oreducation in values is a topic that has become fashionable in the institutional context; it is to say, to level of school centers and in general in the area of the education.
The reasons of it are summarizedin general to that we live in a society where it predominates over the violence marked by the wars, the hunger and the big differences that exist between a few zones and other one of the worldexisting zones like that dominated by the money largely wasted and others in those who practically do not have to eat and this it is his major worry unlike the majority of the societies that we know simplybecause we them find us more nearby same and in these the major worry is to want to have the last thing in new technologies or the last thing in mode simply because this way we believe that we are...
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