The positive and other face of colombia

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  • Publicado : 18 de febrero de 2012
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Laura Torres

Mr. Reed

English 113

April 25, 2005

The Positive and other Face of Colombia

What does people know about Colombia? Let see, drug, narcotrafic, guerrillas, bombs,kidnapping, etc…NO wait, these are only bad stuff. Does Colombia have a positive face? And what is the real Colombia? Or What is a real Colombian? The true Colombia is the following; Colombia is abeautiful country located in South America . Venezuela, Equador, Peru, Brazil and Panama are its border friends. Also, Colombia has an area of 440,831 square miles of amazing landscapes, with a lotof diversity and natural resources. The Andes mountain ranges cross over the country,tehere are two oceans full of aqua -blue colors all around its virgin beaches and the Amazon river with purecrystal water. Furthermore, in all the kind of weathers, its soils are tremendous fertile to grow the best sweet and mild coffee of the world, colorful flowers, and exotic fruits. The people is sodiverse, from white, mestizo, black, , there are 40,000,000 Colombians with the same color of blood, These charming people work hard every second of their life to win the bread of each day,
Thetraditional music to the rhythm of drums, accordion, harp, and guitars make Colombians sing with hope inside their hearts. The language, Colombians traditionally consider themselves the stewardsof the most elegant and better Spanish spoken in Latin America.(Gale encyclopedia,1995). Also, the delicious food that gives the optimistic energy to always smile to smile to the life, to obtaina undertake attitude to never give up. All this things together is Colombia, a country that struggles to excel of the turbulent crisis and bad fame that they have worldwide.. In other words,Colombia is full of natural resources, coffee, flowers, emeralds music and nice people of hope, harmony, joy, wisdom, knowledge and kind that want to show the world the positive face of Colombia..
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