The relevance of music

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The relevance of music
Hope Rosa

Music is the art of thinking with sounds. We wonder, how can we think with sounds? Is all about opening your heart and mind, and let your feelings and thoughtsflow, is not an easy thing to explain, but it is to feel and understand. Music speaks for itself, even though in a song they mix every kind of instruments, we still get an idea, an emotion. In orderfor you to get it, you need to know how to appreciate music. That’s why in the following lines I will describe how music can involve thinking with sounds, and how a class such as music appreciation willhelp us through life.
Music itself expresses emotions, but in order to compose a song, you need to imagine the sounds and make them coherent. Creating a song is not an easy thing to do, but if youdo it, and you do it well, you can create a masterpiece. From the simplest noise to the finest orchestra, is all about the thinking and the way you perceive sounds. The dedication to creating “BlueDanube” shows us a perfect example, several instruments each with its particular sound, but the well-executed variety of sounds, makes it a pure art form. Because Johann Strauss thought about it, how allthis instruments gathered together will sound like and work as a machine. He took a risk and did it well, because nowadays we still listen to its music, not frequently but we do.
Appreciating musicis a skill that takes time to handle but through this class we’ve had the chance to improve or change our musical standards, it has been easy for some and difficult for others, yet a great experiencefor all. I did improve my musical standards, by learning how to listen to music and most important of all was changing my taste for music. Through this semester, I listened to different types ofmusic; learn about the roots of music, the story behind it, every musical period, from the oldest composers to the “newest artist”. By teaching young students what to listen and to listen to it, we are...
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