The rising storm

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The antecedents of what is called United States of America was the results of several wars and events that created a sense of nation that built up the sovereign country.

In the years 1680s to 1760s, there were two colonial empires- the British and the French, were fighting in the new world for land. The first who launched from Green Bay in 1673 were a trapper Louis Joliet and a Jesuit priestnamed Jacques Marquette, they both canoed down the Wisconsin River in search of the “Great River” that the Indians had described. For nearly ten years, Joliet and Marquette’s vast region remained unexploited until 1682 by Robert Cavalier, sieur de La Salle, who named the vast region Louisiana in honor of his sovereign Louis XIV.
In 1666, only were 3,400 French settlers lived in Canada, later in1750 the colony grew to 80,000; it always remained only a fraction of the populace of British America.
There were several factors made the French a serious danger to the thirteen colonies. One of them was that the French had expanded their military capabilities because of the help of Indians. The Iroquois, who were powerful Indians, aligned with the British, and the French with the Algonquians.The second factor was the French had an advantage over the British, was the nature of the frontier. In the dense wilderness it was difficult to find the enemies.
The French threat was compounded by the failure of the American colonies to present a united front. For the most part petty jealousies and nearsightedness made the colonies divided targets for French attacks.

Frontier Feuds
The warsbetween the British and the French were important and very significant in the history of North America. Later on, the French began expanding their land to the north; the English moved farther west, friction or conflict was not evitable. Between 1689 and 1763, in Europe between France and England played out in America four wars: King William’s War, Queen Anne’s War, King George’s War, and ended upwith the conflict- the French and Indian War.
War of King William (1689~1697)
This was a war of expansion, king Louis XIV expected to be a quick, turned into a nine- years war against an alliance headed by England. This war became known as the War of the League of Augsburg in Europe. Comte de Frontenac, a resourceful and competent leader, with the help of the Indians and of French settlersinflicted damage and fear upon the English settlements. In Europe a peace treaty was finally signed in 1697.
Then emerged Queen Anne’s War (1702~1713).
The peace was short lived in both Europe and America. the war was known in Europe , as the War of the Spanish Succession. The war consisted mainly of sporadic but bloody fights on the frontier and coasts. The French and their Indian allies attackedWells, Maine, in 1703, and murdered thirty- eight. The victims were mostly women and children. Finally caught attention of Britain’s Queen Anne. In 1710, Port Royal, Nova Scotia, fell to the British forces. The Treaty of Utrecht ended the fighting on both sides of the Atlantic in 1713,

King George’s War (1743~1748).
British access to the lucrative West Indies trade as the result of theTreaty of Utrecht caused tensions with the Spanish that flared into a naval war. It is known as the War of Austrian Succession. Four thousand of New Englanders attacked and conquered French Louisburg, which was considered as the most formidable fortress in North America. In 1748, in Europe declared the Peace of Aix- la-Chapelle, this was a simple comma in the conflict between Britain and France.
TheFrench and Indian War, this name is reserved for the decisive conflict fought from 1754 to 1763. This began in America and spread to Europe, became known as the Seven Years’ War.
The Seven Years’ War eventually saw Britain and Prussia allied against Austria, Russia, France, Spain, and several other nations. This war was perhaps the first “World War”. This conflict began with a small incident...
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