The things they carried

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The Things They Carried
I. Introduction.
A. Question the minds of soldiers.
B. Prove that Tim O’Brien’s background helps us understand a soldiers mind.
C. Explain why the title was chosen.II. Body.
A. Introduce the Lieutenant.
1. Make special note of the item he carries.
2. What is the significance?
B What did the soldiers carry as well?
C. What is the ghost that soldierscarry?
1. Discuss the emotions that soldiers carried.
D. Discuss the psychology of a soldier.
1. The term and symbolism of carrying Vietnam.
E. Definition of term ghost.
1. Why does itapply to The Things They Carried.
2. What could be considered ghost thoughts.
III. Conclusion.
A. Make other theories about Ghost.
B. Restate the weight carried on the soldiers
C. Could westill understand what is carried?

Have the thoughts of a soldier ever cross your mind? What goes on in the minds of soldiers is a mystery to us. Fortunately that is not the case in this story. TimO’Brien’s The Things They Carried, is a venture into the soldier’s mind. This would be no easy task unless; you have first hand experience in a war situation. Unlike other stories his approach isdifferent. This is a short story mostly discussing what the soldiers carried. Interesting how it actually did discuss the things they carried. More interesting it wasn’t only physical but emotional. Suchan emotional thing would be a quote from the story, “They all carried Ghost”. What could it possibly mean? It’s hard to understand unless you know what they had to go through.
When Tim O’Brienbegins, he starts with a Lieutenant looking over pictures of his girlfriend. This plays an important role because it was one of the many objects that he carried. An object with a sort of significant valueas well. Each member of the unit would have items that each had to carry, as well as little personal items. Others would have to carry specific items. Yet they all shared a bond through the things...
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