The time machine resumen

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  • Publicado : 5 de junio de 2011
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The Time Machine H.G.Wells
A man, the time traveler was with other men and he was telling them about the fourth dimension that is the time. He said that if our mind can move in time, why can´t we dothe same? He had a time machine that was very small. Then he asked to the psychologist to press a lever to send the machine forth and it disappeared. Then the time traveler asked to the men if theywant to see the time machine itself. First the medical man thought it was a kind of joke, but then the time traveler explained it wasn’t. One week later, the men went to the house of the time travelerfor a dinner, but the time traveler wasn’t there. Then he arrived but he was dirty, so he went to wash and dress and then he went back with the men, ate something and then to tell them his story. Itstarted in that he started traveling in time but he got to his laboratory, but almost 5 hours and a half after. Then he kept on traveling very fast. Then he got to a strange place in a hail storm. Hecould see a statue on a pedestal. He was a little scared but then he turned curious. He discovered some creatures that were observing him. They were beautiful and the time traveler regained confidence.Then more of the creatures started to surround him. He pointed to the sun to show them where he had come from, but the creatures understood that he was from the hail storm. They took the timetraveler to their strange buildings and gave his dinner. The creatures only ate fruits, and there were strange ones. The time traveler tried to speak their language but they only laughed about him. Themachine recorded he was in the year 802,701 A.D. There were no houses in that place, only buildings. He started thinking that there was a peacefully place without hate. He realized that the machine haddisappeared. He asked the creatures for his machine but he scared them. He thought it was hidden. He asked the creatures how to open the panels but they didn’t like his question. He decided to first...