The traffic in culiacan

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  • Publicado : 1 de febrero de 2010
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By DesertFox
October 31 of 2008
The traffic in our unorganized Culiacan
How many times have you been trapped in the traffic? How long have you waited for someone to give you the right of way?And more important, how many times have you been late for an appointment? This happens every day in Culiacan. Traffic has become a latent problem that we are forced to face every day. People in ourcity have got used to it. When somebody wants to arrive early to somewhere he needs to get out of home 30 minutes earlier. This is NOT the solution. A better organized planning of the city will helpsolve this problem.
For many years Culiacan has been growing without control, the government doesn’t plan any construction; there isn’t any idea of how those constructions will affect the currentlevels of traffic. In consequence, the streets end up being bad located, unfinished, not wide enough for holding a lot cars, etc. Years keep passing and the government hasn’t done too much to solve thisproblem. Therefore Culiacan’s uncontrolled expansion causes a mess in Culiacan’s streets.
A better coordinated traffic system will reduce levels of traffic in our city. Synchronizing traffic lightswould reduce congestions at intersections There are many intersections, like Enrique Cabrera with Enrique Felix Castro, where cars form very long lines; I’ve seen more than 12 cars in one. They haveto wait three changes of lights because only 3 cars or even fewer have a chance to advance. If government implements synchronized traffic lights there would be a good balance between the cars thatcame and the cars that advance that would lead to a faster transiting in Culiacan streets. Synchronizing buses systems would help reduce the traffic because in the center of Culiacan, for example infront of Garmendia’s market, you can see many buses that goes to the same place stock in the street obstructing the transit. If Culiacan’s government synchronized these buses they would pass in an...
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