The wall - losing a father

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Losing a Father

“The Wall” is a fantastic story of the sad life of a little boy from England named Pink Floyd. He was just like any other young kid, except that he grew up in times of war, andwar was the blame for the chaos that would later on take over his life, leading him into excessive drinking, meaningless relationships, and even the use of drugs. War took Pinky’s father away from him,leaving him empty, and starting this journey that was “The Wall”.
Pinky was really hurt with the death of his father. Every kid needs a role model; a figure to follow and to look up to and war tookthat role model away from Pinky. He needed some kind of replacement for that figure, and his mother should have appropriated herself of that role, but she was also in pain from losing his husband thatshe failed to assume that responsibility and guide Pinky through life appropriately.
Pinky’s mother, because of the pain she felt became overprotective towards him. She started feeding hisinsecurities, and planting her own insecurities in him and helping without really wanting to, to contribute to his lack of self-esteem. Pinky’s wall started because of the loss of his father and the lack ofparenting abilities from his mother.
Because of her way of raising him, Pink grew up blaming women for a lot of the evils in the society he was living in. Little Pinky grew unknowingly into a personthat mistreated women, married a good woman, but could not see how good she was, he was not able to appreciate her. His traumas had built this wall around him; he had fallen into the abuse of drugsand alcohol, he lost touch of reality, he abandoned his wife and hurt her, leading her to her infidelity.
Pink’s inner sorrow started growing and he ended up becoming a dictator. He controlled themasses giving speeches of racism and discrimination towards homosexuals and weaklings. His pain made him become someone really different from what he really was deep inside. He became the kind of...
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