The waters fall

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  • Publicado : 29 de abril de 2011
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I hate you for the person you are.
I hate you for thinking that being the person you are, makes you the best thing alive.
I hate you for being so unbelieveably selfish, when you have no rightto be.
I hate that you can live your life day to day, and not care that she exists.
I hate that your wife and her expected child don't know just how worthless you are.
I hate that you're happywhen you sure as hell don't deserve to be.
I hate that I won't be able to tell her the truth about you, since she'll deserve to come to her own conclusions.
I hate that those two minutes, changedmy life forever, but didn't effect you at all.

I don't understand how she can look so much like you, and still be so beautiful.
I don't understand how she's part you, but has the bestpersonality I could have ever imagined.
I don't understand how you can live your life knowing she's alive and not care, when I can't even begin to imagine my life without her.

I love that I have herall to myself, because you sure don't deserve her in the slightest.
I love how much love she holds in her heart.
I love what my life has become, and am shocked that it's because of you.
I lovethat God blessed me with such an angel, even with all of my mistakes in life.

I hate you more than any combination of words will ever be able to express.
And just as much as I hate you, I loveher.

And while you don't deserve it: Thank you for her. Without her, my life would have no meaning. My day doesn't truly begin until I see her smile and doesn't end, until I give her thatgoodnight kiss. My heart aches with every hug, every wave, every kiss and every touch with more love for her than I ever thought was possible. Her laughter is the sweetest music that's ever beencreated. Her innocence is something to rival saints. She saved me. She is my heart outside of my chest. She is my happiness in a tactile form. She is everything to me. And I thank you for giving me her.
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