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Book Recommendations: Linda Kaplan Thaler Robin Koval

The Power of Nice Doubleday

The Power of Nice has already become a national bestseller in theUSA. In Germany, for example, it will be published by dtv premium in March 2008.

Linda Kaplan ThalerRobin Koval

Robin Koval, Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager at the Thaler Group: “When The Diamond Cutter came out, it spoke to us and we wereinherently using some of the principles to develop our business. It’s important how we treat others. If you demoralize a person, it can deflate thecreative process.“ In the advertising industry, creativity is everything. The Thaler Group launched in 1997, with one $35 million account, and it has become thesecondfastest-growing ad agency in the country, according to Advertising Age, and the fastest in New York. A memorable ad campaign includes the Aflacduck, which hit the airwaves in 1999. In 2004, the company raked in over $600 million in billings. The Power of Nice is based on the experiences Linda KaplanThaler and Robin Koval made with the book The Diamond Cutter, which they used in a practical way. The 6 “Power of Nice” Principles: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.Positive impressions are like seeds. You never know (when you will meet a person again). People change (or their position changes). Nice must be automatic.Negative impressions are like germs. You will know (how you treated a person).

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