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VOCABULARY SET I Find the best alternative 1. His parents died when he was a baby and he was _______ by his aunt. a) brought out b) brought up c) grown d) grown up e) taken out 2. Don’t take what he says so seriously. He was only _______ . a) amusing b) enjoying c) funny d) joking e) tricking 3. The fundamental reason for his illness has never been discovered. "Fundamental' means:a) basic b) severe c) obvious d) physical e) serious 4. Jim had his first opportunity to attend a baseball game when he was only six. "Opportunity" means: a) wish b) luck c) ticket d) chance e) fortune 5. If you find something interesting, it attracts your attention. The opposite of interesting" is: a) exciting b) unusual c) awful d) unpleasant e) dull

6. The insufficient water supply gaverise to cholera in the town. The opposite of "insufficient" is: a) numerous b) necessary c) polluted d) varied e) enough 7. When you are unfamiliar with the customs of a country it is easy to make a blunder. "Blunder" means: a) profit b) badge c) mistake d) deal e) contact 8. A good student is eager to learn and does not need to be admonished for being absent too much. "Admonish" means: a) benefitb) warn c) deserve d) withdraw e) threaten 9. My grandfather, who could do everything by himself, has become very feeble since he turned eighty. "Feeble" means: a) healthy b) shy c) wealthy d) weak e) dependent 10. Bob loves his fiancée so much that he endorses whatever she says or does. The opposite of endorse is: a) discharge b) follow c) put up with d) disapprove e) disappoint 11. As she hasamicable relationships with people she is highly admired by everybody. The opposite of "amicable" is: a) decisive b) agreeable c) unfriendly d) unchanging e) consistent

12. A politician who is corrupt a not fit to represent the public. The opposite of "corrupt" is: a) honest b) well-off c) careless d) embarrassed e) favored 13) People who contravene the traffic laws should be fined heavily. "Tocontravene" means: a) obey b) break c) react d) disagree e) object 14) As he felt very ashamed , he tried to efface the memory of an embarrassing incident. The opposite of "efface" is: a) refuse b) realize c) remember d) recognize e) replace 15) I can't put up with this noise. Please turn off the record-player. a) tolerate b) postpone c) approve d) cancel e) accommodate 16) The car suddenly stoppedand I realized that we had no petrol. a) went off b) ran out of c) came down d) thrown out e) put away 17) After leaving a note of goodbye, Rufus vanished without leaving a trace, and nobody could locate him for years. The opposite of "vanish" is: a) extinguish b) appear c) discontinue d) remove e) exclude

18) The businessman was very hesitant to invest all his money in wool business becauseof the high rate of inflation. The opposite of "hesitant" is : a) willing b) urged c) reluctant d) uncertain e) indecisive 19) Because the mechanic was negligent about fixing the brakes on her car, she was involved in a serious accident. The opposite "of negligent" is : a) careful b) inexperienced c) conscious d) disabled e) indifferent 20) I thought the problem of pollution would ______ at themeeting , but no one mentioned it. a) come in b) come over c) come to d) come up e) come round 21) It was fascinating to see how the earliest fish _____ into various species. a) abandoned b) evolved c) revealed d) involved e) appealed 22) The ______ of the prominent businessmen helped the government to overcome the economic crisis. a) support b) symbol c) dependence d) difference e) structure 23)Photosynthesis causes compounds to be decomposed. The decomposition ______ photosynthesis. a) is due to b) brings about

c) leads to d) the reason of e) results in

24) If we don't have some rain soon, there will be a serious shortage of rainwater in the west of England, "shortage of rainwater" means : a) drought b) famine c) flood d) dehydration e) infertility 25) The government's decision...