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Amended: to make changes to a document, law, agreement etc, especially in order to improve it.
Deterioration: to become worse.
Fluctuated: to change frequently
Pashed in: To introduce, one stageat a time.
Slipped: To move smoothly, easily, and quietly. To move stealthily; steal. To pass gradually, easily, or imperceptibly
Broaden: to make something include more things or people. to startincluding more things or people.
Downsizing: To reduce in number or size: a corporation that downsized. To dismiss or lay off from work. To make in a smaller size. (Business / Industrial Relations &HR Terms) to reduce the operating costs of a company by reducing the number of people it employs. (Business / Marketing) to reduce the size of or produce a smaller version of (something).(Electronics & Computer Science / Computer Science) to upgrade (a computer system) by replacing a mainframe or minicomputer with a network of microcomputers Compare right size.
General improvement: the act ofimproving or the state of being improved. Something that improves an addition or alteration. (Miscellaneous Technologies / Building) alteration of the structure, fixtures, fittings, or decor of abuilding without changing its function.

Phased out: To bring or come to an end, one stage at a time.
Upgrade: to make a computer or other machine more powerful or effective. to improve the qualityof a service or product.
Build up: to talk about someone or something in a very positive way so that people are impressed with them. to make someone bigger, healthier, and stronger, especially bymaking them eat more
Reduce: to make something smaller or less in size, amount, importance, etc. to lower the price of something.
Relaxation: an activity or situation that makes it possible for youto rest and enjoy yourself. the process of making your body less tight and your mind less worried.
Streamline: to improve a business, organization, process, etc. by making it more modern or simple....
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