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Top Notch 1 Test Unit 1

Name _______________
I. Choose the right answer.
1. Are you new here?
a. Yes, we are. b. No, I’m not. c. Yes, they are.
2. Is Mr. Lopez single?
a. No, I’m not. b. No, he’s not. c. Yes, sheis.
3. Is that your teacher over there?
a. No, it isn’t b. Yes, they are. c. Yes, he is.

II. Look at the conversations. Fill in the yes/no questions with be.

1.A: ______ you Stacey?
B: No, I’m not. I’m Claire.
2. A: ______ they from England?
B: Yes, they are. They are from Oxford.
3. A: ______I a good student?
B: Yes, of course, you are.
4. A: ______ a teacher here?
B: Yes, she is. She’s new.
5. A: ______ you an accountant?B: Yes, as a matter of fact, I am.

Oral Quiz Top Notch 1 Units 1-2

I Ask and answer (Personal information questions)

1. What’s your full name?
2.What’s your nickname? What do people call you?
3. How do you spell your last name?
4. What’s your occupation? What do you do?
5. How old are you?
6. Are you married?
7. What’syour nationality?
8. What’s your hometown? Where are you from originally?
9. What’s your address? Where do you live?

II Answer using full answers

1. Why are you studyingEnglish? Are you a good student?
2. What’s this called in English? (showing an object) How do you spell it?

III Role Play

a. Introduce yourself and another person. (withPictures of famous people)
b. Invite someone to an event. ( See page 19 exercise E)
c. Accept or decline an invitation.
d. Ask for directions to a place. (See map on page 21)
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