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6. Famous facts and people. Complete with a relative.
a. Pablo Ruiz Picasso, __________ was born in Málaga, painted a self-potrait.
b. The Tower Bridge, __________ is in London, was completedin 1894.
c. London, _________ Virginia Wolf was born, is a touristic city.
d. Shakespeare, ___________ first play was Henry VI, died in 1616.
e. Loch Ness, _________ it is said you can findNessie, is in Scotland.
f. 25 December is the day _________children in Great Britain get their Christmas presents.

5. Join the following sentences. Write all the possible relatives and put betweenbrackets those which can be omitted.
a. I saw a boy near the harbor. His name was Peter.
b. They climb to the top of the mountain. They could see all the wild animals.

c.Chris met Allan last month. Allan is a salesman.

d. I’m interested in mystery books. Theyare in the higher shelf.

e. Peter missed his bus. Peter’s car was in the garage.____________________________________________________________

f. I never listen to my mom. My mom is always right.____________________________________________________________


1. Who are these people? What do they do? Use the relative WHO

a. A policeman is a person who takes care of yoursecurity.
b. A vet ____________________________________________________________

c. A dentist ____________________________________________________________

d. A fireman...
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