Traditionals weddings around the world

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Not all brides get dressed in white; some do not know their grooms until they are in the altar and both of them say “I do”. The bride‘s most special day has different colours in the globe, it develops according to varied traditions, and it is conditioned by the practice of ancient superstitions, in the midst of magic, religious and holiday rituals.TYPES OF WEDDING:

Red is the central colour in a Chinese wedding because it means love, joy and prosperity. That is why many other wedding details are red.For example: clothing of the future wife, the invitation cards, the boxes of gift or envelopes with money, as well as the decoration of both homes of the bride and groom.
Before marriage, the Chinese bride wasdetained with her closest friends to take some time crying or bemoan the symbolic loss of her family. The groom's family bring presents to the house of the fiancée in red baskets and boxes. One of the baskets may contain “uang susu” or “milk money” (money to buy food). The family of the bride act in a reciprocal way and three days before the great event offer wrapped in red gifts to the family ofgroom.
During a period of time before the day of the wedding, the bride spends time alone with their friends. She does not see to her family or fiancé during this time. A new bed is installed for the couple at home the day before the wedding. They are invited to the room to provide a harbinger of fertility. They put fruits on the bed, where children can take them.
The "Ritual ofhairstyle" is a very important part of the preparation the day of the wedding. The bride takes a perfumed bath with grapefruits and she uses new underwear, before she has her hairstyle, by a woman who is regarded as the bringer of fortune.
The bride traditionally uses red shoes and a red veil on his face.
In some regions, the groom has dinner with the family of the bride. Generally theyserve boiled eggs, he breaks the yolk egg, to symbolize the breaking of the family ties of the bride.
Assistant women are chosen with great care, bearing in mind that the animal in their signs in the Chinese zodiac is compatible with the groom.
The boyfriend and girlfriend take wine from the same cup and eat cock-molded sugar.
The contemporary Chinese weddings are held indates to be determined using a variety of factors. Fortune tellers use the dates of birth of the bride and groom to determine the best date for the wedding. In many almanacs can also be found this type of information.

Traditional Irish wedding use a Claddagh ring. It consists of two hands holding a crowned heart, this means love, faith and honour. In the Irish weddings,couples walk together toward the altar. The brides mixed English lavender in their bouquets. In Ireland, the honeymoon lasts a month! This began because many couples married in secret and they wanted to conceal themselves for some time.
The Irish tradition says that "Married in May and you will ruin the day. Married in April if it can, joy for her and joy for him."
Mead is served to thebride, to protect fairies that could come to abduct her. The brides carry a horseshoe for good luck.

Before a Scottish wedding, a feast is celebrated so that the bride can open the wedding gifts surrounded by everybody that has sent a gift. In this, the bride dresses with a "veil" (in fact everything you have - curtain of bath, leaf, or anything you might think!). Someoneis giving away a baby and a plastic container, the feast is carried to the streets, where the bride can exchange kisses for money, which is deposited in the container.
The groom also has a special night with his friends. Often he is dressed as a pregnant woman and parades across the city. His friends, in general, will play many jokes, usually the night ends with the boyfriend tied to his...
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