Translation - rich woman donates dog's necklace

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  • Publicado : 1 de junio de 2011
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Rich Woman donates her Dog’s Gold Necklace.
Vera Loyola, Businesswoman and “Queen” of the Rio de Janeiro’s nouveau riche donated her dog’s (Perepepe) gold necklace to the Campaign against Hungerpromoted by the Brazilian Government. “I don’t believe it fair that my doggie, a pug, goes prancing around with a gold necklace while people starve”, the businesswoman owner of a bakery chain said tothe news agency Fohla On Line. Perepepe’s necklace in 18 karat gold made by the Brazilian jewelry designer Bernardo Langlott is worth about $850. Loyola said that her donation was merely symbolic andthat she wanted to set an example to other wealthy people in Brazil. Ronaldo, the best last year’s football player , the top model Giselle Bundchen and other celebrities joined this campaign againsthunger, a matter that affects around 44 Million people.
Ten Thousand Young Men to apply to test Condoms.
An overwhelming response was received after a condom manufacturer announced a £100 (morethan €150) reward to each British student who is willing to participate in a condom trial. On the same week, in which the offer was announced, the company received 10,000 applications of sexuallyactive young men and women, from whom only 100 will be chosen to participate. The winners will be asked to undergo “rigorous pleasure tests” and fill a form with detailed questions about their reactions.“The response has been great. It is really amazing to see how many details people reveal when they talk about such intimate things”, says Victoria Wells, Condomi’s marketing director.

Dogs“executed” for Jailbreak
Two dogs were sentenced to death by the Prison Management of Sombor, a city located in northwest part of Serbian, after five prisoners escaped.  The five inmates escaped by digging ahole under a prison wall. Three of the fugitives were later recaptured and it is believed that the other two made it to Hungary. Prison’s management accused the dogs of not barking to alert the...
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