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Medela, Inc. 1101 Corporate Drive McHenry, IL 60050

Starter SNS
•Supplemental Nursing System • Sistema suplementario para la lactancia •Dispositif d’aide a l’allaitement
Article #00902S, #0097003S (container included) In Canada #20902, #20903 (container included)

General Information Parts • Piezas de repuesto • Pièces
Teat-Tubing AssemblyConjunto de tetilla y manguera Ensemble tétine-tube Container (only with Article #0097003S and #20903) Recipiente (incluido sólo con los artículos 0097003S y 20903) Contenant Contenant (inclus seulement avec le produit no. 0097003S et 20903)

• Cleaning Instructions
After each use:
1. Fill container full of warm soapy water and force water through tubing, teat and disc/membrane assembly by squeezingteat (making sure disc/membrane assembly is inside teat lid while cleaning). 2. Refill with clean water and again force water through tubing, teat and disc/membrane assembly. 3. Squeeze the empty teat a few times to remove water droplets from the tubings. 4. Completely disassemble and clean remaining parts with soapy water. Squeeze teat tubing assembly until the disc/membrane assembly falls out.Use fingernail of forefinger and thumb to remove membrane from disc. 5. Rinse well and drain dry on a clean towel. 6. Reassemble.

Teat-Tubing Assembly; White Membrane, Disc, Quick Clip and Elastic Ring; Tubing Clamp; Tape Strip; Container (Container included with #0097003S or #20903).

Flow Regulation:
One way to adjust the flow is by the height of the device. When the bottom ofthe Starter SNS is above the level of the nipple, the supplement will flow more quickly and will continue to flow into the baby’s mouth even when sucking has stopped. Such a non-stop flow can be uncomfortable, so use extreme caution when the device is above the level of the nipple, especially if the baby seems to gulp loudly or choke. Most babies will stop and pull away if this should happen.Similarly, when the SNS is placed below the level of the nipple, the baby must suck against gravity. It could be difficult for the baby to suck the supplement in this case. Your healthcare professional may suggest this to promote a stronger suck. Make sure the baby swallows with every suck or every other suck if this technique is used. The flow can also be increased by very gently squeezing on the teat.This could be used when the infant has a very weak suck or needs extra assistance, such as with the reluctant nurser. Some mothers have found that warming the supplement in the Starter SNS will increase the flow. It is usually not necessary to do this. However, it is an additional way to increase flow.

Medela Canada, Inc. 4090B Sladeview Crescent, Unit 2 Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5L 5Y5e-mail:

You are using your Starter SNS™ to assist you in breastfeeding your baby. Your baby should gain weight each week.

Phone: 1-800-435-8316 or 815-363-1166 Fax: 815-363-1246 White Membrane Membrana blanca Membrane blanche Disc Disco Disque

Tubing Clamp Abrazadera para tubo Presse-tube

If your baby is not gaining weight, or loses weight, consult yourhealthcare professional immediately.
Visit your healthcare professional throughout the time you use your Starter SNS as often as he/she wishes to check the baby. Please make sure you read this manual well, for it contains information you need to know.

SNS and Supplemental Nursing System are trademarks of Medela, Inc. Medela is a registered trademark of Medela. SNS y Supplemental Nursing System sonmarcas comerciales de Medela, Inc. Medela es una marca registrada de Medela. SNS et Supplemental Nursing System sont des marques de commerce de Medela, Inc. Medela est une marque de commerce déposée de Medela.
US Patent/Brevet américains no. Patente estadounidense: 5,474,193 Patente de EE.UU.: 5,474,193 1907576 A 0203 ©2003 by Medela, Inc.

Tape Strip Cinta adhesiva Bande de ruban adhésif...
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