Treasure island (burlington books).

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  • Publicado : 25 de abril de 2011
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TREASURE ISLAND (burlington books).

Jim Hawkins was fifteen years old and his parents had an inn called "The Admiral Benbow". His father was ill.
One day, the old sailor came to the inn. In hishands he had big chest. Jim mother's gave him a room. The sailor called Captain proposed that on the first day of every month, I'll give she a silver four penny if she look for sailors. In theevenings, Captain told stories about storms at sea...
One morning, a strange man came to inn. The man sought to Captain. When the Captain left at inn, they discussed and Captain hit him. The man ranoutside and he went. Suddenly, the Captain suffered a stroke but the doctor was there and saved him.
That day, the Captain warned about dangerous persons as Black Dog or Flint. Later his father died. A fewweeks, a blind man went at inn. The man called Blind Pew gave to Captain a piece of paper. Then, Jim alerted her mother because they were in danger. They went upstairs and they opened the chest witha key. Later, Jim caught a few papers and he and his mother left the house. Shortly after, three men entered at house in search of map. They saw a Captain dead. Later, they left the house and lookingfor Jim but the police arrived and they died to Blind Pew.
That night, policeman (Mr. Dance) and Jim went to doctor's house. Jim stayed there to sleep. There, Jim learnt that the map was an islandwhere there was a treasure buried. Then, they decided to go to look for the treasure with doctor Livesey, Squire (his servant) and a crew.
The next day, Squire went to Bristol to organise theexpedition.
One month later, the expedition set sail to Treasure Island. Doctor and Jim met Captain Smollett. A week later, it arose a problem. Silver, the cook of ship, and his men want to kill to the othercrew once they caught the treasure of island. Therefore, Captain Smollett, Squire, doctor, Jim and his men devised a plan.
When they arrived to island, Jim jumped out ship and ran into the trees....