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  • Publicado : 20 de septiembre de 2010
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Who is Helping the Trees
There seems to be significant concern about replanting trees and forest conservation. Already certain states are dedicated to wildlife and preserve conserving thousands even millions of virgin land. There is a concern for reforestation in the world.
What has man done to Earth, and what can be done to salvage his error? It is no secret that human influence is to blamefor global climate change. “Nearly 60 percent of the world's environment is degraded. With more people living in cities (80 percent in the U.S. and 50 percent worldwide), the need for clean air and water has never been greater,” (...). This problem is such that solutions must be found quickly. “In our cities, many of the benefits and services trees and forests provide actually save money-anestimated $400 billion nationwide-that would otherwise be spent on water purification, storm water removal, air quality, and other daily needs. (...). When trees are lost to development, communities must begin to pay for these previously free services,” ( American Forests 1-2). In North Carolina, for example a foundation preserves its forests and monitors its lost. Using satellite and historicalsnapshots an area viewed from 1984 to 2003 revealed a devastated forest area. Therefore, in order to combat this problem a campaign with The Dale Earnhardt Foundation was aimed at planting 77,000 trees around Charlotte to honor the memory of the late NASCAR champion and sportsman. This goal is to restore wildlife habitat, expand greenways, and return trees to riparian areas in the 15-county area,”(American Forests 2). Despite the damage human kind has done something is being done to replant greenery or least save its annihilation
Other world wide organizations are pulling their efforts to conserve the endangering forests. For example, “The United Nations Forum on forests has designed new approaches to international cooperation through the newly formed Collaborative Partnership on Forests(CPF)” (...). Here it “plans to lay the groundwork for the promotion of management, conservation and sustainable development of all types of forests, as well as to strengthen long-term political commitment to that end.(...) The multi-year plan highlights the three pillars of sustainable forest development: integration of environmental, social and developmental forestry concerns. (Zhang1).Obviously if the United Nations is moving on restoring the problem of the earth’s forest, then there must be a growing concern and hence concrete actions are being taken.
Some organizations provide website tools for previewing a disaster about forest loss. For instance, “the Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center (EFETAC) recently launched its forest threats summary viewer, a toolthat will provide images, threat distribution maps, additional forestry contact information, and brief descriptions about forest threats throughout the eastern part of the United States (...). This tool is for those who are “concerned about environmental threats to healthy forests, or how these threats affect trees in their backyard,” according to Danny C. Lee, EFETAC Director (...). “The viewerwill make forest research more relevant and useful to forest land managers and homeowners by connecting them with resources to help address their concerns,” (Southern Research 1). If forestry concerns are addressed, then is this not one of many ways to conserve trees and other valid plant life?
There are societies in the aid to view and save forests from disappearing. Already man has doneenough to destroy the planet and is continuing to manifest its greed by consuming outrageously. However there are those who challenge, “When is enough, enough,” to the point that lives are sacrificed yet seeding conscientiousness in man’s avarice


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