Tuck everlasting

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  • Publicado : 26 de agosto de 2010
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The first week of summer Winniefred foster arrive to Treegap town, at same time Mae Tuck go to the town to see her sons after 10 years. They return to their home talking about where have they been.Winnie was in her house with her mom dad and grandmother, the mom of Winnie don’t let her go out of the house, Winnie always wanted to go out to the forest and get an adventure. Meanwhile Jesse tuckand his family were celebrating, he tell his parents that they have been followed every place they go by a guy in a yellow suit.
In the night Winnie was trying to catch some fireflies when the guy inthe yellow suit appears he ask she if she or someone know where lives the tuck family, in that Winnie mom appears and take her inside the house, In the morning they start saying to Winnie that sheneeds to go to a private school of only girls to be educated, she get angry and escape from her house to the forest, in there she found Jesse Tuck drinking some water from a tree, he ask why she wasthere and who was she, she told that she is Winnie Foster, when he heard that she was a foster, he told her to leave, but his brother Miles Tuck appears and takes Winnie to his house because she now knowthings, in there Tuck said that she needs to stay there for some time.
Next day in the morning Jesse takes Winnie to show her some places from there, they hike a mountain, and see the beautifulseen, after that they return home.
Meanwhile the parents of Winnie get worried and start asking for some help to search her daughter, the police and some people went to the forest to help in thesearching.
The time have pass fast, Winnie didn’t know how many days or months have passed, she was getting confidence with the tuck family, Jesse have taken her to a waterfall to swim, Winnie didn’t knowhow to swim so Jesse teach her. In the night Miles Tuck was in a bar, she get troubles so the bartender have to take him out,
The night have start so Winnie and Jesse found a cave to stay and made a...
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