Turbo kit install

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Zage Turbo Kit Install - Toyota Yaris
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Alright guys, here it is as promised – the ZAGE Turbosystems install guide for the Toyota Yaris.

I was obliged by Zage to put this together, but I'm really hoping this helps some people take the plunge like I did. It's very much worth it in the end. Even forthose that don't use this kit, there should be a lot to learn from checking out this guide.

I also feel it's necessary to point out that the quality of this kit is superb. There were a couple fitment issues, but nothing was a deal breaker. People may say sucky things about their turbos, but I'm quite happy with it. I haven't had any problems with it, and it's the perfect size for our small cars.Before I get into the actual install, I’d like to point some things out. To begin, this should be the LAST thing you do. Whether you followed my pre-install guide(in the works) or not doesn’t matter, but all the things listed in there are a necessity to getting boosted successfully (turbo timer being the potential exception).

Also – this is an incredibly lengthy and difficult installation. Ifyou’re on the fence about all the work required to pull this off, stop here. You need to WANT this. You need to want this more than the fat nerdy kid wants to lose his v-card by the end of senior prom. Yeah, THAT MUCH. You’re going to get so worn out and sore and get soooo many cuts (my hands are still healing). You’ll get over it though, because I can safely say the end justifies everything. Iwould say it took me approximately 4 six-hour days to finish the install. Troubleshooting and leak diagnosis made it take a couple days longer.

Mechanical expertise would probably be a plus, but is not at all required. I’ve never done anything this involved before, but I made it work. As long as you’re not a total idiot, and are capable of learning and using your brain, you’ll be fine. Luckilyfor you, I’ve already done most of the thinking during my install. However, something this complicated has many variables that are going to vary from install to install. This is where that brain that is required comes into play.

Tools… ARE EVERYTHING. You need tools, lots of tools. Tools, tools, tools. TOOLS. They’re kind of important. The more the better. I ended up borrowing some, because thedifference between having the right tool and not having the right tool are staggering. The absolute necessities are a metric and English socket set (any ratchet size should be fine) and a metric and English wrench set (preferably open and box). Some larger Philips and flat head screwdrivers will be needed as well. Pliers for a couple of OEM clamps, and exacto knives for cutting hoses and misc uses.A hacksaw will also be needed in a couple of places. You’ll be needing a drill with (preferably) a set of bits. I didn’t really note which ones I needed. Definitely a rubber mallet and some sort of pipe for leverage on wrenches / ratchets. I think that covers what I used MOST of the time. Beyond the wrench and socket sets, you could possibly replace the others with other tools if you’re creativeenough. Oh, and of course an oil drain pan and funnel.

Here are the following items you should have on hand before beginning the install (note: I bought all my brass fittings at Home Depot, so I listed the item number next to them):
-Silicon Sealant
-Paper towels
-Zip Ties
-Some sort of mounting brackets (see STEP THIRTY-THREE)
-A SERIOUSdrill bit (about ¼”) (see STEP THIRTY-THREE)
-Tooth picks (or similar)
-Exhaust Wrap
-3x 5/16” nylon tees
-6-8 feet of rubber hose (fuel hoses should work for vacuum and coolant)
-8x Small hose clamp (Advance Auto part #7090227)
-2x M8-1.25 x 40MM (could be shorter) hex bolt (CB#36008)
-2x 7/16" x 1 1/4" hex bolts (turbo)*
-2x 1/4" compression male to 1/4" NPT fitting (A-16)
-2x 1/4"...
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