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Spriting Tutorial
Written by Keriku

This is a spriting tutorial for the new spriters. Let's start off with vocab.

Sprite- A little picture thatrepresents something, used in Video Games, specifically 2D and older-style games. Many sprites in frames make up animations.

Animation- A set of images or frames put together to make something look likeit's moving. Basically something that looks like it's moving.

Frame- A part of an image. Usually referred to in animations as a piece of the animation.

Recolor- To color something again, butwith different colors.

Custom- Something that is special and/or unique in it's own style. Recolors are usually NOT considered custom.

Comic- A bunch of sprites in frames that show actions, but notas an animation. Used to make people laugh.

Sprite Sheet- A sheet of sprites that show all the sprites that make up a certain animation.

Map Sprite- Used to refer to the sprites on theoverworld map in Fire Emblem.

Battle Sprite- Used to refer to the sprites used while battling.

Zoom- To zoom is to basically look at something closer or farther away, but without the person moving.Either Zoom IN or OUT.

Mug/Portrait- Used to refer to the portraits of faces in Fire Emblem.

Transparency- Something transparent is basically see through in some way. One chosen color you cannot seein the image. This color is usually white.

Pixel- The smallest square made of one pure color. You need to zoom in to see pixels- they are smaller than you may think.

Alright, now I don't expectyou to memorize all of that, but you might need to come back to it.

To recolor something, you'll need to see the image up close. In this tutorial, we will be using MS Paint, but it shouldn't betoo hard to find your way around with PhotoShop or Macintosh painting programs.

To zoom in, go to the left and click on the magnifying glass. You will see 1x, 2x, 6x, and 8x. Well right now we'll...
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