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The protagonist of the story is Isabella Marie Swan, a seventeen year old who moves to Forks, Washington, after his mother remarries Phill, baseball player, his new stepfather, and because it travelsto work constantly, so Bella decided to live with Charlie, his father, so your mother can go next to Phil.

At school she meets Eric, Mike, Tyler, Jessica, and Angela, who become new friends.

Inhis first day Bella sees five students who stand out for their beauty and pallor. Sit away from everyone, have little or no relation to the other students. Are the Cullen brothers: Edward, Emmett,Jasper, Alice and Rosalie. Actually they are not siblings, but all were adopted by Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his wife, Esme Cullen.

Among them is Edward who quickly captures the attention of Bella. Hisattention is on the rise, reaching its peak when she discovers that Edward has great strength and speed, because when Bella is almost killed by a car driven by Tyler, Edward saves her life with herappearing very fast and stopping the car by hand, being that this was in his car several feet away. This leads her to suspect Edward, since she can not believe that someone "human" may be able to dosomething like that.

One day his friends invite her to the beach at La Push, and she decides to go on the beach, Bella knows a little closer to Jacob Black, the son of his father's best friend. Butwhen he mentions that Edward could not go with her, Sam, a friend of Jacob, said that Cullen did not go to the La Push, and she was very concerned, because it seemed that Sam said Cullen had "banned"the entrance to La Push. For this decides to persuade Jacob to tell the story. Bella is intrigued, as Jacob tells her a story about "cold" where Cullen had been the same vampire who signed a treatywith his grandfather, for over 50 years. Finally, combining all indications: supernatural strength, speed, that is not exposed to the sun. Bella concludes that Edward is a vampire among them arises a...
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