Una verdad incomoda

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  • Publicado : 17 de marzo de 2010
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An inconvinient thruth speaks about all kind of atrocities we are making to earth. It tries to show the decadent world we live in.

Al Gore’s presents us several reasons why the world iscollapsing into a climate change, a global warming to be more specific. He blames the CO2 as the major agent of pollution, and procastination as another important factor that contributes to thisproblem.

He explain to the relationship between the change and increment in CO2 and the causes it has in the enviroment by incrementig the heat on the earth. And the major consequenses are:

-Biggerand more frecuent floodings
-Stronger storms and hurracaines
-Draught more severe

The dependency we have with the oil is taking us to decay, China and USA are two world economic monster whom arenot willing to participate in the decresing of toxic emisions to the atmosphere, because China they depend on it to his development as a country, and the US need it in order to compite with thisemergent economical power

Another problem is global population, we are demanding to much to the earth in order to nurish 6 billion people.

He demands a change of the way we think, stop infering andprocastinate. We should be able to change this, but first we have to stop to assume that this isn’t a big problem and we should put a remedy to this: now.

Armando Arellano

1- Brief SummaryAn inconvinient thruth is a documentary about enviromental consequences and causes. This documentary is hosted or presented by a famous american politician: Al Gore.
This documentary is in reallity apresentation turn into a film version, is a extract of the presentations Al Gore is making around the world, and briefly summarized in here.

2 – How did you like it? Why?

The first time i sawit i thought it was enlightning, because I had never seen a politician in a documentary, and looking so true (at first sight). But then after my classmates presentation, doubts started to rise in...
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