Understand what prepositional phrases

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Understand what prepositional phrases
A prepositional phrase will function as an adjective or adverb.
When they are adjectives, they modify nouns and pronouns just like regular adjectives do.Prepositional phrases that are adjectives answer the questions
Read these examples:
The book on the bathroom floor is swollen from shower steam.
The sweetpotatoes in the vegetable bin are green with mold.
The note from Beverly confessed that she had eaten the leftover pizza.
When prepositional phrases are adverbs, they modify verbs, adverbs, andadjectives, just like regular adverbs do. When a prepositional phrase begins a sentence, it modifies the verb.
Prepositional phrases that are adverbs answer the questions
WHERE? and
WHY?Freddy is stiff from yesterday's long football practice.
Before class, Josh begged his friends for a pencil.
Feeling brave, we tried the Dragon Breath Burritos at Tito's Taco Palace.

Adj_____1. The book on the table in the English classroom is Barbara's book.
2. The girl in the neighboring house plays the flute every night.
3. Large blocks of the hardest granite formed the wallsof the new building.
4. The roads of ancient Rome connected the cities of the empire.
5. I know that man in the gray suit and the suede shoes.
6. The boys searched the beach for sanddollars.
7. The grass behind the house and near the fence is dying.
8. A pretty girl with brown hair and eyes sat near me at the banquet.
9. We divided the candy among the children at theparty.
10. The rooms of the house were dark and dreary.
11. The sound of whispers came to us through the window.
1. She lost her head at the retro love-in.
2. The boss wasthrilled at their attitude.
3. The rock climbers arrived late at night.
4. My father reads to improve his vocabulary.
5. My friend works at the grocery store.
6. We went to the pool to...
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