United arab emirates: oil acceptable

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  • Publicado : 13 de diciembre de 2010
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Andrea Donggilio
“UAE people are not living in a state of luxury disconnected from the world around us; we feel the pain and suffering of our fellow man around the world, and we make apositive and effective contribution to alleviate the suffering of others; we help the needy to combat poverty, hunger and disease around the globe”.  THIS WAS SAY BY Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum,I am Andrea Donggilio and I will prove you why the internal use of oil in united Arabs emirates is acceptable, the united Arabs emirates is a rich country because of the developing of oil production,but this country wasn’t rich since their beginnings, they were a poor country until they discover the oil in their lands.
1. The standard of life in UAE improves thanks to the export of oil. Withthe discovery of the oil that UAE improve the way of leaving because before this discovery they have a poor economy based in fishing and pearl driving also people used to live in palm houses or modhouses but now the 88% of the UAE population is urban and live in wealthy houses build with great materials. For example in Abu Dhabi they now have shopping centers, hotels and condominiums somethingthat in the 70 wasn’t able to thinks for the people of this country they will have it someday.
2. The UAE oil companies share their benefits to help other international companies to improve the wayand among oil production. In 1965 there was a discussion because they oil was found in both territories Abu Dhabi and Qatar this two countries decide to share equally production of the field of oil toeach country, also they help japan Indonesia petroleum company buy selling them the 25 % of the actions of an UAE company name Amerada Hess that help the Japanese increase they petroleum productionhelping them to produce more and receive more money to the country.
3. The UAE have an open commerce and exporting of oil with other countries helping them to develop better ways of explosions...
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