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The world has had changes drastically that you might never notice; it is for sure that when you were born many inventions were already discovered, you just born to make use of them. What about those people who born and did not have anything on their hands to use. They have no food, no jobs and without these things it was hardly to survive. Have you ever wonder how your life could be in the 19thcentury? In this Era, people could hardly get a house to live in. England had an era where hunger and poverty occurred; this was called the Victorian period. In that period the civilization increased in an unknown manner. People were everywhere, many women and men were looking for work to gain money and feed their families. The urbanization inside the Victorian era caused many inconvenient andconvenient events that affected the living of the citizens . People were obligated to do anything they could to maintain their houses and survive from hunger and poverty.
England and throughout Europe, cities expanded as fast as light, in 1801 the population in cities were only 17%, by 1851 population increased to 35%, by 1891 it increased a 54% , but by 1900, 80% percent of the populationwas living in cities. In England, during 1600 and 1700 population had risen approximately from 4.4 million to 5.4 million. This was an incredible expansion that no one imagined. The way people lived was a bit organized based on geographical zones, by social class. The wealthy people were living in the outside of the city while the poor people lived in the centre of the city. This was due to thedevelopment of suburban rail transit which some were required to provide cheap trains for workers to transport in the city and get to work. Just before the steam engine was invented, they used tracks made of stone and iron, this was a big evolution.
A very convenient event of the Victorian period was the rail. It was the most popular transport for good and people. It was one of the biggestprogress of the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century and therefore to the 20th century.
Technology offered new opportunities to urban improvements during the 19th century. The city was a place to walk were all social classes combine but later the trolley car become possible. The rich people afford to this engine whereas the poor still used the horse to travel. Many engineers becamepopular because of their creations, for example the railways across the country by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. A second invention was created by Joseph Bazalgette. He proposed to build 132 km of sewerage linked with over 1600km of street sewers and designed the water pipes underground. By 1900s hand-held cameras were available; photography was taken in by Louis Daguerre and by Fox Talbot.Another invention was spread which became an extremely convenient to the urbanization, the gas lighting. It improved and ensures the survival of homes and public buildings. At the beginning of the 19th century, streets, homes, buildings were illuminated by incandescent light which were very useful but they lasted many years to install each of them. Also, an important improvement was social securitymeasures. The industrial production demand for raw materials and competition for markets, many inventions spread to all Europe. The Victorian period caused many events that in some ways were convenient or inconvenient for the people. The ones a just talked about were the convenient events for urbanization in the Victorian period.
An inconvenient of urbanization was that many people werenot as fortunate as others; the population was classified as high, middle and low class. In this period a lot of people needed a job, sadly there weren´t enough jobs to supply all the people. A lot of immigrants and citizens were starving to death, they had lost their jobs. On the other hand, people who work was paid by a very low rate. The population was increasing each day that families ended...
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