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why was an economic boom in the 1929´s?

the USA was very rich in natural resources with a growing population. thay didn´t need to export or import raw material, because they had very goods marckets and were growing.
America agricultures became the most effecent and productive in the world. in farms, the farmes bacame so successfull that they were producing more than theycan sell.

the americans tried to stay out of the first world war, but they gave a lot of money to the allies, and sold arms and munitions to britain and france. thay sold massive amounts of food as well.
before war germany had had one of the world's most successesfull chemicals industries. but in the end of the war the USA had better chemical products than germany.REPUBLICAN POLICIES:
from 1929 to 1932 all the US presidents were REPUBLICAN, and the republicans also dominated congress. some of their beliefs:
1. LAISSEZ-FAIRE: the government should interfere the littele as possible in the everyday lives of the people. t job of the president was to leave the businessman alone, doing their jobs.
2. TARIFFS: these tariffs protected businesses againts foreigncompetition and allowed american companies to grow even more rapidly. the USA also began closing its borders to foreign immigrant.
3. LOW TAXATION: the repablicans kept taxation as low as it was possible. thay thought that if that low the taxation, peolple would have money and thay would spend it on americans goods and in industries.
4. TRUSTS: these were huge super-corporations, which dominatedinsustry. the repablic allowed the trusts to do what they wantes, beliving that the captains of the industry knew better than politicans did what was good for the USA.

in the 1929´s new industries and new methodsof production were developed in the USA. the country wasable to export vast resources of raw materials to produce steel, chemicals glass and machinery.the products became the foundatuin of an enormous boom in consumer goods. TELEPHONES, RADIOS, VACCUN CLEANERS and WASHING MACHINES were mass-produced on the vast scale, making them cheaper so more people could buy them. they used the latest, most efficent techniques proposed by the "industrial efficiency movement"
the propagandas were about CARS, CIGARETTS, CLOTHING and other consumer items. Evenif the people didn´t have money to buy things, people could borrow it easily (LOAN) or BUY NOW, PAY LATER.
the most important of these new booming industries was the motor-car industry. they took a long them ti make and were very expensive to buy it. in the 1900 only 4000 cars were made. car production was revolutionised by henry ford. in the 1929, 4,8 millions cars were made.
by the end of yhe1920s the motor industry was the USA´s biggest industry.
owning a car wasn´t just a rich person´s, as it was in europe.there was one car to five people in the USA compared with the on to 43 in Britain, and one to 7000 in russia. the car made it possible for peopleto buy a house in the suburbs.

most americans belived that thet had a right to prosperity. for many it was a mainaim in life to have a nice house, a good job and plenty to eat, and for thaeir home to be filled with the last consumer goods. CONSUMING MORE AND MORE WAS SEEN AS OF BEING AMERICAN.
before the 1920, people saved their money, but in the 1920, people changed their mine and stared buying new things.

while so manu americans were enjoying the boom, farmers mostdifinitely were not. farm income dropped from $22 billion in the 1919 to just $13 billion in the 1928.
after the war, europe inported far less food from the USA because of the tariffs.
farmers were also struggling against competition form canada.
while farming was doing well, more and more land was being farmed. improved machinery, especially the combine harvester, and improves fertilisers mas US...