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For this practice you need to study the PAST SIMPLE in all of its forms, as well as vocabulary related to DESCRIBING PRODUCTS & PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS. (UNIT 4)
*Date: 30th & 31st.

Talk about a project you worked on last term. Include the following: type of project, project details (steps you took to complete your project), Did you workindividually or in a team?, How long did it take to finish?, Mention at least one or two problems you had, Mention the solutions you took to solve such problems.
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Limite de tiempo | 2-3 min. | 3-4 min. | 1-2 min. | +4 | -1 | NP |

* Oral practice date: August 8th & 9th.
* Signs: July 30th& 31st.
* 1st. homework: July 30th & 31st.
* 2nd. Homework: August 1st. & 2nd.
* 3er. Partial exam: August 6th & 7th.
* Remedial exam: August 13th & 14th.

HOMEWORK1. Answer the exercises in the copies provided about simple past tense.
* Date: July 30th & 31 st.
* Value: 10%

2. Exposition.
* Choose a new and successful invention anddescribe it.
* You can talk about: electronic devices, clothes, food, shoes, transport, recreational places, cosmetics, drinks, etc.
* Use power point slides /only images.
* No reading
*Time: 2 min. per person.
* Value: 10%
* Note: without presentation you can’t present your homework.
* Date: August 1st. and 2nd.

3. Bring your signs in book and notebook.


For this practice you need to study the vocabulary related to DESCRIBING TRENDS & FINANCE, proper use of ADJECTIVES & ADVERBS, as well as the FINANCIAL REPORT example frompage 81.
* Date: July 30th.

Talk about your company, give a brief description (background) and describe, using 3rd. person, the company’s financial situation. Be sure to use...
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